Training Courses

The need for cellulose training is stronger than ever before. From upstream to downstream, new comers to the industry are surfacing, new employees are being hired from various industries outside the specialty cellulose industry and many functions within an organization have little exposure to what is specialty cellulose.

CelCo fills this gap and helps you create a specialty cellulose mindset within your organization, allowing your employees to grow and sharpen their knowledge.

Since 2012 over 200 persons participated to the course with encouraging feedback :

  • “It was a very good meeting with lots of new and interesting information for our future business.”
  • “Very good training. Probably need more time but good charts and explanations.”
  • “Well done. Excellent arrangements.”
  • “All topics covered.“

CelCo can also offer classes on an ad-hoc basis at your business location with an agenda to be defined specifically for your attendees. This allows larger groups to participate and remain confidential.

Who should attend ?
Anyone in the value chain of the cellulose industry from the specialty pulp manufacturer to the user of cellulose pulp to the manufacturer of end user products with cellulose content. Any employee of your company from all functions such as sales, marketing, logistics, purchasing, prod development, finance and accounting.

Agenda :
Topics during a full day program will include Specialty Cellulose Fundamentals , Introduction To The Various Cellulose Markets, Value Chain, Specialty Cellulose Industry’s Supply & Demand , Basic DWP Production Processes, Alternative Cellulose Fibers to Wood Cellulose, Cotton & Cotton Linter, Environmental Considerations, Key Cellulose Pulp Parameters and Testing Methods.

Location :
The seminar will last a full day and can be organized either by Webinar or "live" close to Geneva, Switzerland.

To inquire about registering for this year training courses please contact