Order and Install the Celco Mobile Phone App


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Try out for free for a month the  CelCo Mobile App© to access at your fingertips latest specialty cellulose news, upcoming events pertaining to our industry as well as a myriad of monthly prices and volume indexes specific to the cellulose industry ranging from global worldwide price or volume indexes to world capacity utilization rates to country specific price and volume trends… and much more.

Data are extracted from sustainable and reliable public sources.

To install the app on your phone or tablet ( Apple or Android )

  1. Go to your App store and search for « celco »
  2. Install the Celco App on your mobile device or tablet  
  3. Ask for a user ID and Password
  4. Authorise Push News if you so wish
  5. Celco will grant you one month free trial access codes

 The « app » will help you monitor in real time how you perform against the industry whether you are a supplier, a buyer of specialty cellulose or a financial analyst tracking this industry . It will also help you visualize graphically the key industry price and volume trends both in upstream DWP markets and downstream in Viscose staple market, Acetate tow, Ether CMC and Nitrate markets.

 For any questions contact info@celco.ch