Celco has a direct access to the industry, upstream and downstream due to our past operational involvement with Buckeye , Sateri and Bracell , the Celco London conference and regular consulting activities allows us to permanently validate our analysis and conclusions and provide solid insightful data and trends.

As there is limited published quality data and analysis to help the industry to benchmark its performance, CelCo (and CCFGroup for the news letter) has started to publish since 2013 market reports to answer this need. Market reports are updated and published twice a year on March 31rst  and October 1rst.

1) The CelCo Historical & Current Market Report 

It covers the key trends of the DWP industry .It is based on customs data from the entire world as well as CelCo ’s own market intelligence to help you make better decisions.The 40+ pages reports look at data since 2000 until 3 months in arrears of the current year. They analyze both volume and prices changes on a World & Country level with 40+ charts, 10+ tables and comments.The report is issued on March 31rst and September 30th and is covering the following:

  •  On the supply side the report will show DWP capacity changes and its outlook until 2020. The report will discuss how the profile of the DWP supply has been changing from a technical (process, fiber usage, grade supplied) and market mix standpoint. It will also show who has been supplying what DWP key grades* to whom. The report will also zoom in on China supply changes and cover the Chinese Antidumping action and how it has impacted the supply mix to the Chinese market and pricing until now.
  • On the demand side the report will discuss how the DWP demand and demand growth by market segments has evolved till now. It will chart resulting capacity utilization evolution and historical supply & demand balance and discuss current oversupply situation. The report will also show CLP supply and pricing trends for both China’s domestic usage and export markets.
  • In addition, the report will cover price trends (past and current) by key market grades* for the DWP industry but also downstream for the VSF, Acetate tow, Ether, Nitrate and Tyrecord markets. It will also show current import prices by major countries by key grades* and conclude on what have been key DWP supplier’s pricing performance

* Markets are segmented into 3 grades: High α, Low α, and other specialty

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2) The CelCo Forecast Market Report till 2020.

The 25 pages+ report includes 20+ charts, 5+ tables and mega trends analysis designed to help investors and any one in the Cellulose value chain from DWP suppliers to end users to assess the current and future situation of the industry and to plan accordingly. It also recommends to track 12 indicators to anticipate demand and price changes and addresses questions such as :

  • How the supply segmentation between Rayon grade and specialty will evolve?
  • How will cotton supply evolve and impact VSF?
  • What new cellulose fibers are entering the game ?
  • How the cellulose value chain responds to ecological & environmental pressures?
  • How will mill competitiveness evolve ?
  • How market demand by segment* will evolve in the future  ?
  • How does a “revisited” DWP supply capacity compare with forecast demand?
  • How prices of each market segment* will move looking forward?
  • How the pricing of DWP hardwood versus softwood evolve over time?
  • What role will play the “swing” mills going forward?
  • How the China antidumping has impacted supply mix in China?
  • What impact currency changes have had on supply mix across the globe?
In addition, the Market Forecast Report report will analyse the global supply & demand outlook, conclude on potential scenarios going forward and outline new emerging trends pertianing to our Industry.

* Markets are segmented into 10 key markets for the forecast report.

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Please contact Celco at info@celco.ch for any additional information.