CCF GROUP AND CELCO started to publish in January 2016 a monthly "Cellulose Newsletter" to respond to the need for a monthly "tracker" of both China and World price and volume data coupled with comments on industry monthly changes.  

The 13 pages newsletter provides monthly up to date information on all Dissolving Wood Pulp (DWP) and Cotton Linters Pulp (CLP) application segments such as the Viscose Staple Fiber, Acetate and the Ethers markets. The newsletter includes market analysis as well as monthly updated 19 graphs and 10 tables.

Topics covered include the DWP and CLP supply news and data, cotton linters supply update, VSF and other downstream market latest news, DWP and VSF supply capacity changes & utilization rates, and economical barometers pertinent to the industry.

We are publishing a full 13 pages report every 3 months i.e. March, June, September, and December with 20 charts and 6 tables. We will be publishing in the intermediary months Jan, Feb, Apr, May, Jul, Aug, Oct, Nov a summarized 3 pages “light” version including: an executive summary page, the tracker page with 35 monthly indices, the key market news of the month.

Please contact Celco at for any additional information.